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Why wait till your workstations are compromised and daily work automation is no longer possible?

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Computer Support

Server OS Installation

Rise Technologies will install OS system in your server and preconfigure server policy according to your needs. Technicians will set up correct SMTP protocol policies and https web server policies so all of your online application will work without any interruption.

Name Brand Server Deployment

Rise Technologies will find you the best server available in the marker as per your needs so you dont have to do 'side project' that most likely ends up outsourcing eventually.

24/7 Onsite and Remote Support

Technicians at Rise Technologies will constantly monitor your server upkeep and performance. All regular updates and regular maintenance are done without you ever noticing it. Getting locked up from the server or your workstation because of random Windows updates are going to be the thing of the past.

Rise Technologies

Rack Mount Server​​

Deployment of rack-mount server in a scalable environment within the mandated set deadlines and guidelines.​

Tower Server Installation​​

Specialized bare bone tower severs matching the dynamic needs of your business operation.​

Application Layer gateway Services​​

Adoption of group policy based u[on the company hierarchy and map the domain to their permissible space into the database.​

Rise Technologies

All Services In One Place

Computer Support

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