We just don’t provide hardware installation service. We provide the best Computer Hardware Installation service money can buy. 

Our technicians will match the compatible hardware for the custom built or name brand so your overall system is automated as a single entity.

Rise Technologies

got a computer hardware installation project?

At Rise Technologies, we can deploy all sort of IT hardware that are vital for your Business and office Automation.

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"I contacted Rise Technologies for a new server Computer. I initially wanted a name brand. However, given the nature of my engineering business, Rise Technologies Built me custom built server and it is very fast. Great Computer Hardware Installation service by Rise Technologies."
Sam Krottis
Electrical Engineer

Here at Rise Technologies, we offer both name brand and custom built computer hardware system. We will quote you the right hardware that best suits your need. After all, our priority is to get your business to the next level of digital commerce. ​

Rise Technologies

Rise Technologies have partnered with popular computer hardware manufacturers around the world. So, why do you care? We can offer you hardware that may not even be available in the market. The hardware we provide comes with extended warranty and hassle-free installation since we will be the one to do all the installation for you. Rise Technologies will close all the loopholes during the hardware installation and this truly automate your business operation. 

For example, you have A hardware that may not be comparable with B hardware. Technicians at Rise Technologies will inspect your existing hardware and point out any inconsistencies with hardware compatibility. This strengthen your overall digital Business IT security and increases the overall machines efficiencies within your business network.

Rise Technologies

Computer hardware installation services by rise technologies

Computer Hardware Installation

Quick Deployment

Computer hardware or related hardware are put together with great care. We make sure to label or mark specific aspect of the hardware during the installation; thus support in the future will take less time.

Computer Hardware Installation

Network Attached Storage Installation

Rise Technologies technicians have deployed several scalable NAS devices and we can find you the right NAS device that suits your needs.

Name Brand or Custom Built Machine

You tell us what you want. We don't tell you want you need. It is always you and that is how it supposed to be. You want name brand, no Problem. We are partnered with several computer hardware manufactures. You want custom built machine, no problem! we got you covered on both front.

Computer Hardware Installation

Seamless Hardware Integration

Rise Technologies technicians will configure the device at our office and simply come to your office install the devices.

Computer Hardware Installation

Right Quote Matching Your True Needs

You tell us what you want and we will quote for your project.

Highly Qualified Hardware Installation RiseTeam

we make our technicians go for popular hardware installation certifications to make sure they are up to date with current hardware installation standards.

Computer Hardware Installation

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